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Becoming a member of the Ayr Anzac Memorial Club is easy.
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Turbo Rewards Gaming Loyalty System

Win reward points automatically all day, every day by playing any of our 70 Poker Machines. Every gaming machine at the Ayr Anzac Memorial Club Inc. is fitted with an electronic card reader. Simply insert your card into the reader and every time you play you will be credited with Turbo Rewards points.

Once you have accumulated enough points (minimum to redeem is 500 points) simply go to the Foyer terminal and redeem, redeem, redeem.

How to redeem your Turbo Points

Simply go to the Gaming Room terminal and swipe your membership card. This terminal is a touch screen so simply press your selection. For redeeming you will need to PRESS REDEMPTION. Simply select the item you require and a voucher will print. Please see our friendly reception staff if you have any questions.

Turbo Rewards is automatic with our membership. All Turbo Points are purged on the 27th of December of every year. So don't forget to redeem your points before then. For a copy of the terms and conditions please ask at reception.

Sweet Rewards Points Loyalty System

Sweet rewards program is automatic with your membership. Every time you make a purchase in our Bar and Anzac Cove Bistro you will earn points, simply by handing your card over to the register staff.

For every dollar spent you will receive 1 point!

1 point = 1 Australian Cent. Your Sweet Reward Points must be redeemed by the 27th of December of each year

When you have acquired enough points, all you need to do is redeem your points at the bar. Once your points have been redeemed to use up your balance you simply hand over your card and advise the register staff that you are paying by your member's card. If your purchase is greater than the balance held on the card you just pay the difference.


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